Full Legal Name of Applicant
Write a letter to the potential host about your child.  Feel free to use the questions below as a guide and provide as much detail as you would like. Type your letter in the box below (max length: 1000 words) or upload a completed letter in DOC o4 PDF format (maximum length: 2 pages).

  1. How would you describe your child’s relationship with you, your family and their friends?
  2. How does he/she react to disagreement, discipline or frustration?
  3. How does he/she handle unexpected challenges?
  4. How much independence does your child have?
  5. What makes you proud of him/her?
  6. What concerns do you have about your child?
  7. Why do you want your child to participant in the YouthStay program?
  8. What do you hope your child will get out of the program?
  9. Do you have any additional comments?
Max. file size: 100 MB.