The Lakota YouthStay Pen Pal Program expands on our mission to foster authentic, mutually rewarding friendships and build bridges between the Pine Ridge and Boston community.  It  is another pathway to grow and sustain relationships begun during the YouthStay program each summer and an opportunity for youth to share who they are, where they live, and about their families, interests, culture, music and much more! The Pen Pal program is a great way for youth from different parts of the country to stay connected with one another throughout the year.

The program is open to any youth, ages 10 – 17 yrs old,  on the Pine Ridge Reservation and in MA. To apply for the Pen Pal program, please complete the short application form here. All parents or guardians should read the guidelines for this program before applying.  Once we receive your application, we will begin the pen pal match and get you on your way to a new letter-writing friendship!!!

If you have any questions about the Pen Pal program or Lakota Youthstay, please let us know by emailing