My 2018 Lakota YouthStay Experience by Quinton Maldonado

I bravely boarded the plane in Rapid City to Boston, after delays. My first time on a plane, my heart was pounding so hard I could hear it, finally the plane took off down the runway, I closed my eyes for a minute then opened my eyes and thought wow!, I’m flying. Looking out my window, the earth looked like a puzzle of squares. We got to Boston when it was dark outside, and was very happy to meet Rob who was waiting for Owen and me. I was looking forward to meeting “Bear” the family dog. When we got to their beautiful home, Elizabeth made grilled cheese sandwiches for us, off to bed upstairs. My week in Boston was busy with so many activities, meeting people, photography class, Red Sox game, museum, the beach, Tipi set up in the park, and meeting youths from the Wamponoag Nation near Boston. One of my favorite times was riding the roller coaster with Rob. My host family Rob & Elizabeth and Bear were the best! We ate blue crab too, I love seafood – I ate Owens seafood that he didn’t eat. I bought shoes for myself, and Boston Red Sox socks for my little brothers Armani & Triston. My brothers want to go to Boston but Armani said he would wait until our baby brother Triston turns 10. So look out Boston – The Maldonado Brothers will be in Boston!!  I would like to thank “All” the people who made this trip possible- Lakota Youth Stay Staff and Donors, I will never forget my trip to Boston.

Wopila Tanka,

Quinton Maldonado, (age 10)