Our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes – they are young and young-at-heart, men and women, teens, college students, professionals and retired – people from all walks of life!

They are people who believe in Lakota YouthStay’s mission and want to help Native American youth explore their world and develop new friendships. By volunteering with Lakota YouthStay, you get to support Lakota young people and families as well as Boston area hosts in making theLakota YouthStay experience into a successful one.

If you have the desire to:

  • Learn more about the world of Native Americans
  • Develop an understanding of current issues facing Native youth
  • Interact with Lakota pre-teens, teenagers and families
  • Share your own traditions and culture
  • Support hosts and Lakota youth
  • Be an ambassador for a good cause
  • Contribute to developing friendships between Native American and non-natives
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Develop  and strengthen planning, teaching, facilitation and leadership skills

You can choose to:

  • Interview youth and/or hosts before acceptance to the program
  • Organize host and youth orientations
  • Provide support to youth and hosts during YouthStay week
  • Be active in promotional and fundraising activities
  • Coordinate or lead youth day trips during YouthStay week
  • Teach an art, craft, photograph or cooking class
  • Provide tech support or graphic design services
  • Provide website support or help with social media
  • Organize a fundraiser for LYS
  • Host a youth group dinner
  • Contribute your time to different volunteer groups and boards
  • And much more…