My 2018 YouthStay Experience by Jewelia LeBeau

My experience in Boston was fun and exciting. I had a great time and Joy and Bruce were so nice and I’m very thankful to them for everything they’ve done to get us to Boston to have a great experience. I also enjoyed every activity we did from the aquarium to the ice cream shop. I couldn’t choose my one favorite activity because they were all fun. I also met a lot of other people who were nice and I guess were just friends now like Christopher who I figured out was my cousin. I also got good with Lydia and Andrew, one of my favorite memories was when we pulled a prank on their mom, Kim. The olivieri’s were also nice and I thank them for letting me stay at their house and feeding me and everything else, it made my experience much nicer. My least favorite memory was when I had to leave, I was sad and I hated it so much, I had so much fun I just didn’t want to leave. But I was happy when I got back to rapid city and my mom was there with maikole’s mom and we went home I actually missed my siblings. And maybe my brother will go and he will have a great experience too. I wish I can go back and see how my host family is doing and hope maybe I can do it again. But I had a great, amazing experience and I thank Joy, Bruce, Christi, Nikki, the Olivieri’s, and everyone else for showing me how nice and cool Boston is and I had a great time. Sincerely,